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A landscape, a wine.
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Cantina Cinque Terre.
A landscape. A wine.

If you are in search of authentic, quality wines, if you seek out unique experiences, if you value sustainability and respect for the land, welcome to our cooperative and, above all, our winery.
Our brand is the expression of a unique place: the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and always among the most desired destinations of il Bel Paese. An agricultural cooperative that unites 220 member-owners from over 46 hectares of vineyards, distributed over one of the most original D.O.C districts in the world.
The aim of our association is to guarantee that each of the 200,000 bottles produced every year under the brand “Cantina Cinque Terre” (Sciacchetrà DOC or Cinque Terre White DOC) as well as every other local product we carry conveys the quality and the sensory characteristics that have made the fruits of this land renowned and appreciated all over the world. Given the paramount importance of the conservation of the land, we guarantee that our production process is sustainable and we allocate the profits of our business to the area’s protection, as well as to the wellbeing of the community that lives here and safeguards it.

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Wines, grappas, sparkling wines and other local products from the Cinque Terre

From our Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà DOC to our white DOC, from our red to our sparkling wine, from our grappa to our orange, mandarin and lemon liqueurs, from our extra virgin olive oil to our honey, from our jam to our cantucci almond biscuits, from our canestrini biscuits to our trofie pasta, from our Genovese pesto to our artichoke and hazelnut spreads, set yourself apart by gifting our delicacies or bring them to your own table.

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Why choose Cantina Cinque Terre products?

Three great reasons for choosing excellence.

More and more people from all over the world are choosing Cantina Cinque Terre products. At first, they were visitors who wanted to bring home a souvenir that would prolong their stay or their holiday. Then these same clients, even before the spread of e-commerce, would contact us throughout the year and reorder the products that they had fallen in love with to get inebriated again and be able to savor again the aromas and the tastes of the Cinque Terre. Later, it was a nice surprise to discover that more and more people were ordering our bottles and local products ahead of time, to enjoy a pre-tasting before their visit, which in some cases was already booked, and in others was simply a plan, a wish, a next destination. Recently, the “Cantina Cinque Terre” brand has grown stronger and matured. Today, even consumers who have never visited the area and don’t intend to in the near future are choosing it. What drives them to choose us is:
● the desire to buy products that are truly sustainable and that “do good” for the area
● the decision to contribute, not to a company’s profits, but to compensation for the efforts of hundreds of partners
● the pursuit of outstanding products, that are genuine, made to the highest standard according to tradition, to enjoy unique and one-of-a-kind sensory experiences

Protection of the area and renewal
The epitome of sustainability

The cooperative doesn’t limit itself to simply protecting the area, its biodiversity and its beauty, but chooses to wrest it away from the logistics of mass tourism, in order to preserve it. The Cooperative Agricoltura Cinque Terre is active in the introduction of increasingly cutting edge technologies that, though in line with traditional methods, render production sustainable for people as well as for nature. What’s more, it has always been the association bearing the brand “Cantina Cinque Terre” that has built and upheld infrastructures like the cog railway lift, the dry walls, and the water network.

Heroic viticulture

That which is considered “heroic” elsewhere has always been normal to us

To speak of wine in Liguria and, in particular, in the Cinque Terre, means speaking of “heroic viticulture,” that is, of cultivation in much more extreme conditions compared to ordinary cultivations. Although this concept emerged among workers in the ‘50s, in the small, high-quality vineyards of the Cinque Terre its roots are much deeper and disappear into “forever.”

Today, recent studies have even classified the criteria by which a vineyard may be defined as heroic. To be considered such, it has to satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
● inclines superior to 30%
● elevation higher than 500 m ASL
● cultivation on steps or terraces or else on small islands

And as you can imagine, each of the 46 hectares of vineyards that constitute the winemaking production area under “Cantina Cinque Terre” can define itself as “heroic.” Even if we consider them so normal as to call them simply “vineyards.”

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A landscape unique in the world

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